Hakone Geisha Event

Hakone is one of the most famous places to see and meet Geisha. There are events throughout the year to give visitors a chance to see, interact, and experience this amazing part of Japanese culture and history.

1. Hakone Geisha Golden Week Event

During the famed Japanese holiday time of Golden Week the Geisha House in Yumoto will open it`s doors to visitors to come watch, listen, and experience the art and skills of the Geisha. There will be dancing and live music played by the geisha band. In addition to these activities will be palm reading, matcha tea and sweets, and more to experience.

Soft drinks, alcohol, food, and snacks will also be available for purchase during the event. There will also be games and attractions for the kids as well.

Saturday May 2, 2020 11:00am to 4:00pm 

Hakone Yumoto Kenban


2. The Hakone Geisha Dance(箱根をどり)

Once a year this special event showcases a famed local dance performed by the local geisha at the Geisha Kenban house in Hakone Yumoto. This traditional display of music, culture, and dance lasts 30 minutes and will have three different start times during the day. Reservations are needed because to its popularity. Please visit the Geisha homepage or contact us directly for more information.

June 6 Show will be 30 minutes(Canceled)

10:30am~ 12:30am~ 2:30pm~

3. August Hakone Geisha Bar Experience “The Geisha Bar(芸者`s バー)

One this day the traditional first floor of the Geisha house in Yumoto turns from a place of practice and shows to a bar for all to enjoy. The stage will still feature traditional dance and a geisha band, but the atmosphere in the geisha house will be festive. This is also a family friendly event and in addition to alcoholic drinks there will be soft drinks, snacks, and games for the kids.

August 29 and 30

11:00am to 8:30pm

Hakone Yumoto Kenban Geisha House

4. Hakone Geisha Summer Dance Recital(ミニ箱根をどり)

Come enjoy a special summer evening events at the Yumoto Geisha house. These 40 minute shows and events will include traditional dancing and music performed by the local geisha. You can enjoy the summer season with this traditional entertainment and walking the riverside town at night. There is a small fee for adults, but children are free.

August 1 Sat, 9 Sun, 22 Sat (Canceled)

Doors open at 8:00pm and show starts at 8:30pm

5. Monthly Geisha Dance Exhibition(箱根の舞)

Access to the world of the geisha is often limited and hard to see for many visitors to Japan. Hakone has one of the most popular concentrations of geisha in all of Japan. These are monthly events that give visitors the chance to see and experience this special part of Japanese culture. This event is free for guests staying in the Yumoto and Tonosawa area of Hakone. The event fee is ¥2000 for other guests.

Mar29, May1, June21, July18, Aug1, Sept27

Start time in 2:00pm~

Free for staying guests in the Yumoto and Tonosawa area of Hakone. Other guests are ¥2000.

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