Yunosato Okada

Mountain Views from the Hot Springs of Hakone

The welcoming staff greet you with smiles to the changing décor that matches the seasons. Come soak aways the fatigue of a long journey.

Feel the streamed bubbles and let the vibrations soothe away sore aches and pains. “Yu no Sato” uses our 5 private hot spring sources to supply 17 different types of baths for your use. We provide you with a wonderful bathing experience among the steep green mountains, open blue sky, and beautiful nature of Hakone.

Jet Hot Spring bath

Rock bath

5 different hot spring sources flowing from Yusaka Mountain. Over 270 liters spring from the mountain a minute! Over 390,000 liters of natural hot spring water a day! A gift from nature. The high mountains of Hakone collect a lot of rain, this rain flows deep underground and gets heated by the close flowing magma of the earth. The natural characteristics of Hakone make this a truly remarkable area in Japan and even the world. The minerals in the heated water have a number of beneficial properties that aid and help you lead a healthier life.

Area Yumoto
address 191 Yumotocyaya Hakone-machi Ashigara-simo-gun
Phone Number +81-460-85-3955
Access A 20min walk from “Hakone Yumoto Station” or 5min Bus ride from the Yumoto station!¥100)
Price 11:00-23:00 Adults:¥1450 Child:¥600
6:00-9:00 Adults:¥1000 Child:¥500
Open Times (early-morning bathing from 6:00 to 9:00) 11:00 to 23:00 last 22:00
Holiday: Wen. Thr.
Facilities Restaurant/ Free Rest Area / Private Rest Rooms (extra fee)

・8 baths for Men
・8 baths for women
・Outdoor baths
・1bath available for private use 45min./ 1,100 yen
Website https://yunosato-y.jp/
Remarks Yu no Sato is nestled on the ridge of Yusaka Mountain, offering wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and immersion in the bountiful nature of Hakone. There are also massage therapists, and others specializing in foot massage and head therapy (10min ¥1050~).