Hotel Okada

Located just 85 minutes from Tokyo

Set in the convenient location of Hakone-machi, easily accessible by all modes of transportation, Hotel Okada is a large traditional Japanese hotel, featuring 12 floors, 117 guest rooms, and a total capacity of 658 persons.

5 fountainheads, 13 baths

Hotel Okada has 5 fountainheads that produce 270 liters of enjoyable hot water per minute.
There are several large baths each with its own setting and a magnanimous view of the mountains of Hakone
where guests can indulge in the openness while leisurely enjoying the wonderful natural hot springs.

As well as the main attraction of the superb hot springs located within the hotel and hotel grounds, the hotel also offers practical rooms of various sizes, meeting rooms, and facilities for after-parties.

Hotel Okada can provide a diverse number of services for a wide range of customer needs.

Hakone Yumoto Hot Springs

The 5 fountainheads that Hotel Okada has at the base of Mt. Yusaka produce 270 liters of hot water every minute. That equates to 390,000 liters a day of hot underground natural spring water.
The mountains of Hakone have one of the highest rainfalls in Japan. This rainwater is heated by the heat of magma pools lying deep underground. The wondrous hot springs are a blessing of the workings of Mother Nature.


Spacious indoor bath with a wondrous view of the mountains

The large indoor bath is something Hotel Okada is proud of.It is a paradise on earth where guests can stretch their arms and legs, close their eyes and soak in the soothing mist rising from the natural hot spring.

Open-air bath

For bathing amongst the great outdoors

The open-air bath nestles guests amongst the lush greenery of Hakone. The murmur of running water and chirping birds can be heard while bathing.


Relaxing with a superb view of Mt. Yusaka

The foot bath at Hotel Okada give guests a place to dip their feet in the natural hot springs while gazing at the lush green mountains.Talking with friends is more enjoyable while soaking your feet in the soothing hot springs.

Area Hakone Yumoto
address 191 Yumotochaya, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken
Phone Number TEL: +81(0) 460-85-6000
FAX Number FAX: +81(0) 460-85-5774
Access From Yumoto station:
Take “A Route(滝通り)” shuttle bus
Fare JPY100/1 Adult
Facilities Lounge, Restaurant, Smoking space
Open-air bath, ​Bathhouse, ​Hot spring bath, Spa
1 Swimming pools
Free Private Parking Available On Site
Wi-Fi Free Wifi
Website http://www.hotel-okada.co.jp/eng/