Hakone Kuzuryu Jinja

This shrine gives good luck for money and business.Recently it is popular for women wishing marriage.

For more information about Kuzuryu jinja (main shrine and new shrine), Please click the following URL.

The main deity of Kuzuryu Jinja (main shrine) is dragon god that gives good luck for money, business and marriage.
And many people come here to pray for their wishes come true.

On the 13th of every month at 10 a.m., Monthly festival called Tsukinamisai is held and always crowded with people. It’s so popular spot for women wishing good matchmaking. It is said that 80% of the attendee is women.

A branch of Kuzuryu jinja (new shrine) is located in the precincts of Hakone Jinja. Holy water called Ryujinsui is gushing out in front of new shrine.
Please also visit to new shrine.

Kuzuryu Jinja (new shrine)

This is a branch of Kuzuryu Jinja which is next to Hakone Jinja.
Please see the website about holly water called Ryujinsui gushing out in front of new shrine.

=Hakone Jinja and Kuzuryu Jinja=
Hakone Jinja enshrines Hakone Ohkami, the god of bring good lucks. And it has been worshipped as Kanto total guardian.

The birth of Kuzuryu-shin (a god of Nine heads dragon) started with a legend.
A holy priest Mangan defeated a nine heads dragon and revived its life again as a guardian of Lake Ashi called Kuzuryu-shin (a god of Nine heads dragon).

=Kuzuryu Jinja (main shrine and new shrine)=
Kuzuryu Jinja (main shrine) was build on the lakeside of Lake Ashi.
Kuzuryu Jinja (new shrine) was build in Hakone Jinja.
Both Shrine deify the same god, so it is said that divine grace are the same.
Main shrine was build on 757 after building Hakone jinja. On New Year’s Day,2000,new shrine was build to make easier to visit and worship compared to main shrine where is in forest.

=Summer festival in Hakone=
Summer festivals in Hakone are held as this scheduled.
July 31: eve of festival vigil for Kuzuryu-jin
August1,2: main festival for Hakone Daijin
August 3: festival of Komagata-jinja
August 4: festival in Kojiri
August 5: buring the imitation trii (gateway)
You can enjoy a weekly festival of Hakone Daijin and Kuzuryu together.

=Visit two great shrine & visit three great shrien=
For the big bless, recommend to visit both Hakone jinja
and Kuzuryu jinja also Hakone mototsumiya where locates on the summit of Mt.Komagatake.


There is the Benzaiten which is known as god of entertainment,wealth and wisdom.
On the 13th of every month at 10 a.m., Monthly festival called Tsukinamisai is held.
Then after, Monthly festival Benzaiten is held as well.
On the 13th of June every year, a regular festival for Benzaiten is held after a festival for Kuzuryu Jinja (main shrine).

Hakuryu Jinja

Hakuryu Jinja (White dragon Shrine)
5 minutes on foot from Kuzuryu Jinja (main shrine), there is Hakuryu Jinja for Hakuryu(white dragon).
“Hakkuryu”(white dragon) is a shortened form of “Shirowaryuoh” which was enshrined in Hakone Gongen until end of the Edo period.

On the 13th of June every year, a regular festival for Hakuryu Jinja is held after a regular festival for Kuzuryu Jinja (Hongu) and Benzaiten.

Area Lake Ashi
address Motohakone 88, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa-ken
Phone Number +81-460-83-7123
Access By boat ← only on Monthly Festival
Reception starts at 8:30, please buy the ticket . Round-trip is 1000 yen.
Take a boat from Motohakone to Jumokuen pier, then on foot about 5 minutes.
Inquiry about a boat visiting to main shrine.
IZUHAKONE Railway Hakone Senpaku local office TEL : 0460-83-6351

Reference: On the 13th of every month, the direct bus service from Yumoto and Odawara to Motohakone for visit main shrine is available.

Inquiry about a direct bus for worshippers to Kuzuryu Jinja (main shrine)
Izu Hakone Bus Odawara Sta. office TEL : 0465-22-3166

On foot ←Except on Monthly Festival.

It's possible to walk from Kojiri terminal to main shrine. Walk along a pavement called "Kamiyama-Dohri" which is just next to Kojiri terminal about 30 mins ,there is a gate "Sakasitamon" to the arboretum.
It takes about 5 mins on foot from the arboretum to Kuzuryu Shrine (main shrine). *This path is for pedestrians only.
Recommend walking a street "Kamiyama Dohri" on the Lake Ashi.
You can enjoy walking getting some fresh air.
Walk along the path, you will find the gate to "Sakasitamon". (Entrance fee 500yen for adult is required except on Monthly Festival.)