Lake Ashi in Hakone

Lake Ashi is at the center of the Hakone area. There are historic site, famous temples, tasty found, and more to be found along the shores. The views of Mt. Fuji over Lake Ashi are famous as well.

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About Lake Ashi

Lake Ashinoko is a lake inside caldera of Hakone located in Western Kanagawa. From Lake Ashi runs to Hayakawa river which flows down to Odawara port along the Pacific Ocean. The Lake was created in the remnants of the Hakone Volcano which last erupted in 1170. The area is popular for fishing both in the lake, in the river and at the port. There are many different kinds of fishing you can enjoy. Leisure boats Lake Ashi Yuransen and the Hakone Pirate ship stop at ports along Lake. The popular ports include Kojiri/Togendai, , Hakone-en, Moto-Hakone, and Hakone Machi. The beautiful contrast between the white clouds, blue lake and green mountains is one of the most popular views in Japan. This is a place that can’t be missed. You can connect to different ropeways at the ports of Togendai and Hakone-en for panoramic views of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding areas.

Attractions around Lake Ashi

The best way to enjoy the Lake Ashi area is by walking. The sites are close together and easily accessible on foot. Taking a boat is a great way to bypass all the traffic that clogs Hakone on the weekends. You can also see beautiful views of Mount Fuji while cruising the Lake. One of the most popular views is of the red torii shrine gates of Hakone shrine. The best things to do in Lake Ashi area

Hakone Shrine

The Torii Gates of Hakone Shrine

Hakone Shrine is one of the most popular and important attractions in this area of Japan. The shrine`s history goes back 1200 years. The shrine is connected with legends of Dragons, samurai warriors, and has one of the most beautiful photo spots, the Gates to the Hakone Shrine.

Onshi Park

This park over looks the lake with views of Mt. Fuji. Onshi Park was once the summer villa for the Japanese imperial family until the 1920`s. It is now a free public park with beautiful grounds to wander and views to enjoy.

Sekisho Barrier Gates

During the Edo Period of Japanese history travel was strictly regulated by the Tokugawa Shogunate government. These barrier gates were places to check and enforce the regulation. The proper reconstructed gates give you an insight to the history of Japan.

Old Tokaido Road

Once the capitol of Japan was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo there was a high amount of traffic going between these two important cities. The Tokaido road was the most important and famous of these. Hakone has one of the best preserved sections of the road. Walk among the towering 300 year old cypress trees along Lake Ashi and feel the past.