Sengokuhara pampas Grass Fields

From Sep. to Nov., beautiful pampas grass fields spread out at the foot of the mountain.

Main sights in Sengokuhara area -

You can’t miss Sengokuhara pampas Grass Fields in Hakone. The Fields are chosen “Best 50 scenic spots in Kanagawa” and “Best 100 spots to view flowers in Kanagawa”. Many tourists visit this fields every year.

As pampas grass completely covering Daigatake faces, the number of grass is beyond counting. Especially, who see this fields for the first time, will be moved by overwhelming and spectacular scenery. The trail runs through the fields. You will be surrounded by wondrous scenery.

At this pampas grass fields, Yamayaki is held on a day without strong wind in every March. Not doing Yamayaki, some trees will intrude pampas grass fields and be a coppice. Sengokuhara pampas grass fields also had been a coppice because Yamayaki had not be done from 1970. Yamayaki have restarted from 1989, natural system in Sengokuhara was restored like old days. So, you will enjoy beautiful pampas grass fields.

Area Sengokuhara
address Sengokuhara Hakone-machi Ashigara-simo-gun
Access By car, from Odawara
National route 1 via Hakoneyumoto for Miyanoshita area. At Miyanoshita intersection, take National route 138 for Sengokuhara area. Turn left at Sengokuhara intersection for Motohakone area.

By car, from Gotemba
National route 138 for Hakone area from Tomei-Gotemba IC. Turn right at Sengokuhara intersection.