Tsutaya Ryokan

The Tsutaya Ryokan is an onsen guesthouse in the Sokokura area of Hakone. It is a place that combines Japanese traditional hospitality and retro design in a social space.

The whole concept of the building is to inherit the history of Hakone’s hot springs and the history of Sokokura. One of the ways to enjoy Tsutaya Ryokan is to admire the many old pieces of furniture, folk crafts, and bath tools used in the design of these spaces.


The ryokan offers three types of accommodation. There are “Tatami Superior” rooms with private bathrooms with river views and are able to sleep 2-6 people. The “Standard Rooms” are private rooms with shared bathing facilities and the “Kagodoko” area is an economic capsule type sleeping area for individual guests. There is a welcoming large common room and kitchen for guests to interact and enjoy their time here.


The ryokan is located in a historical area of Hakone with connections to past samurai, famous onsen spots, and depicted in traditional ukiyoe woodblock prints.

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