See & DoVisiting a Shrine in Japan


Visiting a Shinto Shrine

Shinto can be described as the Japanese religion, but it is also a foundation for much of the history, culture, and values of this country. When visiting a religious location there are some guidelines to help you enjoy your time and gain insight and depth to your visit. There are a number of wonderful Shinto sites in the Hakone area with long histories and fascinating stories.


Enter the Shrine Grounds:


Bow before entering Red Torii Gate to show respect to the enshrined gods.


Cleanse your Soul:


Cleanse your mind, body, and soul at the water cistern before entering the sacred grounds of the shrine.

1. take the water scoop in your right hand.

2. scoop the water and wash your left hand.

3. switch the scoop to your left hand, and wash right hand.

4. switch scoop back on right hand and pour water on left hand, dabbing your mouth to complete the cleansing process

Awaken the Spirits:

Throw your coin in to offer box. There is no specified amount, give as much as you feel good about.

Ring the bell in front of the offering box. The ringing is said to call the God to the shrine.


Two Bows, Make your Wish, Two Claps, and One Deep Bow in Thanks.

There are a number of wonderful religious sites in the area.

Hakone Shrine: Dragons, Samurai, and History

Amidaji Temple: Mountain Seclusion

Soun Temple: Resting place of Shogun

Choan Temple: Thousands of Faces