Update date:2019.02.04

Ichiitei outside1

Message From Ichiitei

Drawing room in the back in Sengokubara held in a grand Hakone somma.
Don't you stay slowly at Ichiitei?
Please be satisfied with some time of the relaxation at the space where
the quiet is flowing calmly.A pride in an inn, the service and the heart
by which a person spins a person. Some time of the luxurious cure
permitted by only only six rooms.
Please relax by your villa sense.


Ichiitei room

The poise with which tradition of a total gasps, five Japanese-style
rooms which make the dignity feel and one room in the house separate
from the main building provided with every possible luxury of the West.
The inside of the building where clear silence is sukiya style of building is
filled fully.
From a front door, a hallway is all tatami-flooreds. Even customer's
footstep, it takes on moisture and is faint. Arrival is at a lounge of a
wellhole with feeling of opening which overlooks a garden. Ill welcome
with powdered green tea and snack.


Ichiitei Cuisine1

The authentic Kaiseki which tastes four seasons by the five senses is spirit
in a Japanese-style restaurant Japanese-style hotel.
It's a dish to give a season to you.
The authentic kaiseki which tastes four seasons by the five senses is
complete various articles a Japanese-style restaurant Japanese-style hotel.
Everything works the careful selection ingredients ordered from the whole
country with its hands from preparation.
You can also enjoy the authentic kaiseki for which I elaborated ideas using a
technique of traditional Japanese food by sight as well as palate.
Please be satisfied with delicacy of the ingredients in season in each season.

Hot spring

Ichiitei onsen hotspring1

Soft hot water from Ubako pours into the bathtub of an ancient hinoki which smells faintly.
The half outdoor hotspring bath which can enjoy beautiful nature in each season fully.
Hot water from Ubako where I gush kindly more than antiquity. It's poured into the
bathtub of the ancient hinoki called "sacred tree. In the bathroom where a hinoki
smells during silence and steam faintlyA body and a heart are healed completely.
Hot water from Ubako hot spring from which it's learned with a therapeutic bath to be
poured into the bathtub of the ancient hinoki by which you assume that I have the
effect of forest bathing equality. Soft hot water is matched with skin pleasantly.

Area Sengokuhara
address 1246-431, Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Phone Number +81-460-84-4111