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Yumoto is the gateway to the Hakone area with the main train station and a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and accommodation.

The Streets of Yumoto

Yumoto is considered the gateway to the Hakone area. Yumoto has the main train station, the highest number of places to stay, and is a wonderful area to explore and experience. Yumoto is a compact area with many shops and historical areas to explore and discover. You can join a guided walking tour of the area or explore on your own. The walking tour introduces you to some of the popular Japanese foods to try and historical places of the area in small groups led by a fluent local.

Place to eat in Yumoto

Yumoto has many cafes, restaurants, and shops to have a meal or to just get a snack to go. There are many sweet shops that give you a chance to discover and explore the world of “wagashi,” the Japanese sweet.

The popular Nanno Hana in front of the Station has some of the most popular snacks that feature some wonderful seasonal treats and local favorites.

Chimoto is an authentic cafe with a long history in Yumoto. Chimoto features hand made sweets with refreshments in a refined atmosphere that is popular with couples and ladies.

Walking down the street there are several “onsen manju” stores that are probably the most popular gift and treat for any hot spring town These traditional sweets are filled with sweet red bean paste and covered in a cake like castella covering. The main shopping street features places like Kikugawa Manju and Marushima Honten.

Onsen Manju from Kikugawa Shop

Hakone Yumoto has a long history and there are temples, geisha houses, nature, and gardens to explore.

In the Yumoto area there are two famous temples. Soun Temple is the family temple for the Hojo Clan who once ruled a large part of Japan from their castle in Odawara. Up the mountain behind the station is Amidaji Temple, a hidden temple built centuries ago in front of a cave used by mounting worshipers. Hakone Yumoto is one of the last places in all of Japan to have a vibrant geisha community. The geisha often gather at the Yumoto Kenban to practice and refine their arts and to hold events for the general public to watch. Many of the ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, have beautiful gardens open to guests and for the Yumoto Walking Tour, but you can also admire the design and architecture of these buildings with over 300 years of history.

Onsen Hot Springs

In Hakone Yumoto you can ride a rickshaw, climb a mountain, dress in a kimono, soak in a hot spring and so much more. Across the street from Hakone Yumoto station by the river is the popular rickshaw tour that takes you around town on trips lasting 20, 30, or 45 minutes. Hakone Yumoto is most famous for the hot springs and they can be found all over the area. This is one of the most famous areas for onsen in all of Japan!

Guided Yumoto Walking Tour

The Hakone Yumoto Waking Tour includes many of these Yumoto highlights with a nilingual local sharing stories and historical insight. Click the link below to reserve a space on this popular tour to discover more of Hakone and Japan.